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Change What is Wrong - Keep What Works

Reform Cohocton makes sense and is the answer

Reasons why Cohocton is in trouble are clear

Only a select group of insiders benefit from town government policies.

The majority of residents are ignored and excluded from representation.

The process of government is distorted, tacks balance and basic fairness.

Policy is made in secret and decisions often violate laws and regulations.

Part time residents are treated shamefully as unwelcomed intruders.

How to improve Local Government

Establish professional ethical standards with open public disclosure.

Develop positive programs that encourage local private business.

Promote Cohocton as a place where families and individuals can prosper.

Encourage sensible growth and economic opportunities for everyone.

Demand capable leadership and make needed constructive changes.

Why Support Reform Cohocton?

Current government has failed. Cohocton needs to achieve real progress.

Competitive elections mean needed choice and political accountability.

People deserve a chance to express their viewpoint for a better town.

This and future generations have a right to a quality environment and community.

Take pride in contributing to a town where government can be respected.

Reform Cohocton Movement Wants Your Involvement

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