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Contract With Cohocton:

FIRST, require all laws of Cohocton and NYS will be applied and observed by all town boards and every appointed official or employee;

SECOND, conduct all town meetings in accordance with open committee law and allow public comments at all meetings, limit "Special Meetings" and executive sessions;

THIRD, allow local citizens to place ballot initiatives on local election ballots and conduct referendums on major town decisions;

FOURTH, limit all elected officials to a two year term in office and no more than two back to back consecutive terms in the same office;

FIFTH, select a major, independent auditing firm to conduct a comprehensive audit and review of Cohocton finances, business practices and secure integrity of all public documents; 
SIXTH, conduct a full independent review of the recent 100% reassessment and correct bias favoritism with equitable consistency;

SEVENTH, professionally update the comprehensive plan and establish a land use plan that protects property values and promotes sound economic growth;

EIGHTH, develop area cooperation for regional economic efforts, grant applications and encourage high paid permanent job creation;

NINTH, secure sufficient liability insurance to cover the malfeasance of previous administrations and competently manage future risks;

TENTH, establish an "open door" policy, monthly newsletter, an up to date web site, and a quarterly town hall meeting for discussing broad range of issues.

We are Committed to these Action Items: 

Restoring Open and Responsive Government

Rebuilding a United Community

Reevaluating Wind Development Plans

Reviewing the Property Tax Reassessment Process

Doing a Community Update of our Comprehensive Zoning Plan 

Moving Together Toward a Sustainable Future 

Home Action Basic Planks Candidates Change