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We're your neighbors



My brother Scott and I, along with our extended families, have been landowners and neighbors of yours in the Town of Cohocton for the past 13 years. My wife Susan is a harpist, and I'm an old-style family doctor up in Rochester who still delivers babies. We found some distant relatives buried in the Old Clearview Cemetery in N. Cohocton, but we're not Cohocton natives ourselves and certainly not people to be contended with in circles of power locally. As time has gone by we've grown to love the land and its people more and more.


Many of you have come know us through our various renovations and projects, including Ron Lindsay, Gene Kuhn, and Larry Walker, to name a few. Leo at Empire Tractor has seen us and our vintage Belarus tractor more often than we'd like to confess. We shop at Carey's, get gas at Van Wormer's, frequent the General Store in N. Cohocton, and have Bob Coons keep our mowers in repair. We've appreciated Tom Simons' attention to our dirt road, walked our land with Paul Wolcott, and visited with Benji Carr in his unusual metalworking establishment. We even participated with other landowners in the attempt Columbia Natural Resources made some years back to find natural gas under our hill. We haven't tried to sit overnight in a tree at the Fall Foliage Festival yet, but haven't completely ruled out a try either :)  And, yes, we pay town and school taxes so that you and your kids can enjoy the same community support that we had when we were raising our four.


You've been good neighbors to us, and we want to keep being good neighbors to you. If we see someone trespassing onto your land we'll report it right away, and if you come across someone doing something that could damage the value of our property we hope you'll do the same. Good fences make good neighbors, because they represent good stewardship as well as mutual trust and respect.


We don't have the kind of strength that comes from position and wealth, but we do have genuine love and a measure of the wisdom and servant authority that comes with it. What we have we offer to you, our neighbors, in this time of community testing.



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where we are,


what we see from our front yard,


a sunset view from the top of our hill,


and how close the proposed Cohocton turbine sites are to our property.



Bill & Susan Morehouse

P.O. Box 122

Beechner Road

Cohocton, NY 14826


or contact us at bill@cohoctonfree.com 


"Love your neighbor as yourself."





Our little sleeping cabin at the end of the rainbow.


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